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Your Self Storage Questions Answered

Thinking about using Self Storage? Do you need more space at home? Or would you like to ease the hassle of your next house move or protect your furniture while you decorate? Maybe you’ve started a business and need to move your kit or your stock out of your living room.

Whoever you are, you probably have some questions about self storage to see if it’s right for you.

We’ve addressed some of the most common questions here, so please take a look and see if these help. If you still have questions you are very welcome to ask them via our contact form.

Self-storage is often used by people who are moving house, either to declutter before they sell, or to store the contents of their old house if they can’t move into their new home straight away. They might also use it want to renovate or decorate before moving their furniture in. Other users are small businesses who need to store tools and equipment or stock, students who need to move out of their accommodation in the holidays, and anyone who needs more space in their house.

Most self storage facilities have security cameras and alarms but it is wise to check what security is in place before you book a unit. Look for the latest security including high tech cameras, motion sensors and an app that ensures that only you can access your unit.

75 sq ft/10ft Container

Personal User - 1-2 Bedroom House or Flat/Small garage 1 Luton van load. Business User - 300 small boxes or 60 large boxes/Small garage 1 Luton van load.

150 sq ft/20ft Container

Personal User - 2-4 Bedroom house/One and a half Garages or 2 Luton van loads, more than 7 Tonne lorry load. Business User - 600 small boxes or 120 large boxes/One and a half Garages or 2 Luton van loads, more than 7 Tonne lorry load.

Try our self storage calculator to check how much space you need.

Many factors go into making one storage unit better than another, but the most important things to look for are the size of unit that is right for what you need to store, and robust security to keep your belongings safe. Other than that, it comes down to location. Is it near you, is it easy to get to and does it give you 24 hour access?

The security of self storage units varies. When you are choosing storage, look for information about security cameras, motion sensors, alarms and an app or a keypad that limits the access to your own unit.

When you are choosing a self storage facility you will want to look at the location first as you want it to be convenient. Access is another issue. If you want to be able to access your stuff any time, look for somewhere that gives you 24 hour access, 7 days a week. After that it comes down to the availability of the size of unit you need, and making sure that the security is sufficient. Also look at the booking process – is it quick and easy? Can you book online? Is there an app or pin code to get in whenever you want?


Self-storage units are very helpful when moving house, either to make it easier to sell an uncluttered house, or to bridge the gap between moving out of one place and into the next. They can also be used to keep furniture safe and clean during renovations or when decorating. Another advantage is that they can give you more space as you can store items that you don’t need in your house or office, and just retrieve them when required. Students can use them to store their stuff during the holidays and small businesses can benefit from storing tools and equipment, freeing up room in their van or their garage.

An 8 foot x 10 foot self storage unit is ideal for the contents of a small house. You can expect to fit in 2 double beds, 2 wardrobes, a dining table and chairs, 2 sofas, a desk, a bookcase, kitchen appliances, a lawnmower and a couple of bikes, as well as 20 or so boxes. Try our self storage calculator to check how much space you need.

The cost of a self storage unit will depend mostly on the size of unit you choose. A bigger unit will cost more than a small one. Other than size, the price will be affected by location – storage is more expensive in some parts of the country than others. You can work out how much to budget using our self storage calculator.

You should never store food, plants or animals in a storage unit. You should also avoid storing anything flammable, and that includes paint, petrol, sawdust and tyres. Likewise firearms and explosives must not be kept in self storage. We’d also recommend that valuables such as diamonds, expensive jewellery and artworks are kept somewhere more specialised like a bank, Finally, self storage units are not suitable for people to live in.

What Size Of Unit Do You Need?

Use Our Self Storage Calculator Before You Book


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